7 Beginner Tips for Losing Weight on a Mediterranean Diet

Embrace All Mediterranean Food Groups

Cherry-picking a few anti-inflammatory foods from the Mediterranean diet isn’t a route to weight loss. 

If you continue to consume high-calorie, pro-inflammatory foods alongside beans, greens, and fish, you may unwittingly undo your efforts to slim down.

Incorporate Movement

A true Mediterranean lifestyle encompasses more than simply the food you eat.

People in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea also tend to have healthy exercise habits, such as gardening, walking, and swimming.

Think About Adding Foods, Not Subtracting Them

If you’re starting the Mediterranean diet, the best thing to do is add more fruits, vegetables, and legumes and beans

If you can focus on adding an extra serving or two of these foods to each meal or snack, you’ll automatically start to squeeze out less healthy foods.

Enjoy Food With Loved Ones

Another element of a genuine Mediterranean lifestyle is gathering around the table to eat with friends and family. 

Not only does eating with others often boost your enjoyment of food but it might impact your weight loss efforts. 

EggplaStay Mindful of High-Calorie Foodsnt

Foods like olive oil and walnuts are well known for their possible anti-inflammatory benefits,

but don’t forget that even healthy foods can be high in calories.

Choose Fruit for Dessert

Fruit, of course! Dessert is the perfect opportunity to work in more fruit while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Weight loss-wise, nature’s candy offers lower calories compared with baked goods such as cookies, brownies, and cakes, or packaged goodies like candy. 

Easy Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan for Beginners