7 Best Superfoods for a Flat Belly, Say Dietitians


This list of the best superfoods for a flat belly kicks off with a kitchen staple enjoyed by many: the avocado. 

Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil consumption is associated with improved blood pressure and reduced body fat.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds offer plenty of fiber, which Burak refers to as "a double hunger-crushing whammy.


Berries are a great nutritional bang for your buck, containing even more fiber than other fruits due to their edible seeds.


Kicking up how much salmon you consume can aid in your weight loss efforts, 

as it's packed with protein and helps you get a handle on hunger and cravings. 


Enjoying a cup of protein-packed Greek yogurt or adding a dollop of it to a bowl of fiber-filled oats can speed up your weight loss efforts to achieve a flat belly. 

Its calcium content plays a role in the regulation of energy metabolism, which may contribute to weight loss. 

Leafy Greens, like Spinach

This list of the best superfoods for a flat belly wraps up with leafy greens.

Young raves about the weight loss benefits of spinach, specifically, telling us it's a nutrient-dense leafy green that doesn't come with a high calorie count. 

In addition, she adds, "It is rich in fiber, which helps promote satiety and reduce hunger, beneficial for weight management. 

It contains essential vitamins and minerals including iron, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

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