Dukan Diet For Weight Loss: Phases, Benefits, & Meal Plan

What Is The Dukan Diet?

The Dukan diet involves the consumption of high-quality protein foods while limiting the intake of carbohydrates and fats.

High-protein diets not only reduce body weight but also improve body composition by reducing body fat. 

It also keeps you satiated for longer, so you don’t give into your hunger cravings. Intake of high-protein foods can also help preserve lean muscle mass.

How Does The Dukan Diet Work?

The Dukan diet has four different phases in which various food groups are introduced gradually. 

Its high protein intake helps curb your appetite by decreasing the ghrelini  levels in your body that increase hunger. 

It also promotes satiety (feeling of fullness) by boosting diet-induced thermogenesis and blood amino acid concentration.

Carbohydrates and calorie-dense fats are also restricted in the initial phases to create a calorie deficit. 

Benefits Of The Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet may help improve blood sugar control. 

This can be attributed to the high-quality protein included in the diet plan that may lead to lower blood glucose levels.

May Improve Bone Health

A higher intake of protein may significantly increase intestinal calcium absorption and improve bone health in the long run.

May Improve Skin Health 

Foods rich in proteins contain amino acids that are vital for collagen synthesis. Collagen is essential for maintaining skin elasticity and health. 

They aid collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis in the body and protect the skin from inflammation and aging caused by oxidative damage.

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