Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Day Right

Baked Eggs And Zoodles With Avocado

You could make these cute little nests with another spiralized vegetable, but zucchini is our favorite.

Overnight Oats With Blueberries And Almonds

You wake up late and realize there’s no time for a morning meal. No worries, friend. It’s already in the fridge waiting for you.

Slow-cooker Mediterranean Frittata

The best breakfasts are the ones that practically make themselves. 

Green Shakshuka

You’ve had the tomato-based version of this Middle Eastern dish; now try it with spinach and jalapeño.

Squash And Squash Blossom Frittata

It’s ready in 25 minutes and looks super impressive. 

Cranberry Walnut Grain-free Granola

Expensive store-bought granola better watch out.

Egg And Veggie Breakfast Bowl

Brussels sprouts for breakfast: It’s a thing (and it’s delicious).

Baked Eggs In Avocado

These baked eggs in avocado are packed with healthy fats and protein and they happen to taste amazing.

Sweet Potato Rösti With Fried Eggs And Greens

Rösti are like the Swiss version of potato pancakes or latkes.

Chamomile And Maple Porridge

The oats will keep you satisfied until lunch, and the chamomile will keep you calm after hitting snooze one too many times.

Breakfast Caprese

Salad for breakfast isn’t so out-there when it’s a gorgeous and melt-in-your-mouth tender caprese dish.

Salmon And Smashed Cucumber Grain Bowls

It’s basically lunch, but you can make it ahead and eat it any time of day.

Easy Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan for Beginners