Swimming Weight-Loss Workouts Guided By Experts And Their Benefits

Swimming is a fat-burning, low-impact full-body workout. This is precisely why it is best for weight loss, fitness, flexibility, coordination, and reducing stress .

Exercises like running or jumping are not only high impact. 

If you have any type of muscle imbalances from the core down, that high impact is incrementally worse on your body.

So the harder you try (or faster you go) in running or jumping, the more you set yourself up for pain and injury.

For swimming, there’s no impact. “Further, because it’s a horizontal exercise, you don’t have a downward gravitational pull that impacts lower body mechanics.

So, it’s easier on the body and burns a lot of calories since it’s total-body.

NASM-certified personal trainer, John Gardner assures that “swimming is an excellent form,

of aerobic activity that helps in generating the benefits of physical activity while still being easy on the joints.

It can help promote weight loss, build muscle, prevent injuries, and relieve back pain.

If you want to work your whole body, then the best workout to go for is 150 minutes,

of swimming with moderate intensity or 75 minutes of high-intensity swimming.

Swimming works your entire body, from head to toe, all at once. The water acts as natural resistance, which can help increase muscle mass.

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