What You’ll Need to Make Mediterranean Chicken

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts

I call for boneless, skinless chicken breasts because they’re so quick and easy to cook,

but if you prefer the richness of bone in, skin on chicken breasts or even chicken thighs just give yourself some extra time. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A smooth, peppery olive oil–like our Private Reserve EVOO from Kyparissia, Greece–really draws out and elevates the flavor of this garlicky chicken.

Flavor Makers

A combination of dried oregano and alliums like garlic and onion create the foundation of this dish. Salt just enhances the flavor of the other ingredients and pepper adds a little earthy warmth.  

Lemon juice

Acids like lemon juice or vinegar brighten the recipe and cut through any fat from the olive oil.  


I used fresh tomatoes, but if tomatoes aren’t in season feel free to use 1 (15 oz) can of chopped tomatoes. 

Green olives

If you don’t like olives, leave them out and substitute them with capers, or paper thin slices of fresh or preserved lemon.

White wine

Look for a dry white wine—it adds a nice acidity to balance the richness of the chicken.

A good rule of thumb for cooking wine is to avoid wines aged in oak, like some chardonnays, as they tend to give a bitter flavor.

Chicken stock

If you have homemade chicken stock go ahead and use it in this recipe to amp up the chicken flavor, but store bought will also work. 

Crumbled feta cheese

I love a creamy feta preserved in brine if you can get your hands on it (I just crumble the feta with my hands as I’m finishing the dish). 

Fresh parsley

I sprinkle it on at the end to add a pop of color and a light, fresh, herbal taste to the recipe. 

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